Services & Maintenance

Installation and Start-Up

This activity includes:
-> "Turn-key" erection of any type of rotating machine and accessories.
-> Supervision and control during installation.
-> Assistance during start-up.
-> We can guarantee accurate manufacture of "blowers and fans" and project management until delivery of the plant to the final customer.
-> These activities are carried out by skilled and qualified personnel using the most advanced and up-to-date systems and instrumentation.
-> The control of alignment is carried out by laser while control of vibration levels and balancing of rotating parts is executed using the most advanced FFT analysers.


Spare Parts and Maintenance
This activity includes:
-> Balancing of rotating parts in site or in our factory.
-> Alignment with laser equipment.
-> Diagnosis of the status of the rotating machines.
-> Planning of work according to predicted failures.
-> Tailor-made maintenance programs.
-> Supply and installation of original spare parts.
-> Management of customer's spare part stocks.
-> Manufacturing of spare parts for out-of-production rotating machines.
Thanks to our data bank we are able to offer any type of original spare part or a perfectly interchangeable spare part with the technical and mechanical improvements which have been made in the meantime.

Test & Diagnosis
-> Aeraulic performances measurement.
-> Noise levels measurements.
-> Balancing speed rotation.
-> Vibration levels measurements.
-> Alignment control (laser aided).
-> Monitoring of bearings wear-and-tear.
-> Planned manteinance to ensure good operation.
-> Detailed analysis report.
-> Aeraulic tests in accordance with ISO, AMCA, Indian Standards and British Standards.
-> Running test (mechanical tests with measurement of vibration levels and temperatures).
-> Noise levels measurements.
-> Overspeed failure tests.
-> Running test at high temperatures.
To ensure a correct running of the rotating machine it is advisable to carry out periodical inspection by skilled personnel.
We have several mobile facilities equipped with the most advanced instruments for the analysis and control, manned by our long-experienced skilled technicians.

Overhaul and Revamping
This activity includes:
-> Complete overhauling of old fans at our workshop or at
-> workshops close to the installation site.
-> Technical upgrading of old or out-of-order fans.
-> Improvement revamping of fan performance by modification of some components.
Old fans performance can be improved by introducing the latest technological innovations.
This is made following the advice of our technical department which has a long experience in this type of work.

This activity includes:
-> Courses to train the correct fan installation and start-up
-> Courses to train the correct fan maintenance.
-> Courses to train the correct use of the electronic equioments for control and rotating machine.
We can organize training courses to your personnel at your permises.
The pourpose of these courses, prepared in accordance with the customer, is to train technicians to work in total autonomy.



CBDOCTOR  VENTILATORS  PVT. LTD.  is a Joint Venture between C.Doctor India Pvt.Ltd., Industrie CBI Group, Italy and Ventmeca, France.