Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

We are the largest manufacturer of wide range of heavy duty centrifugal fan, industrial exhaust fans and induced draught fan that is widely renowned for wide application in several small and large scale industries. these its widely used in both large and small scale industries for regulating the ventilation.


Heavy Duty

Dampers & Gates

Heavy Duty

CHA-T 60
Quantity 4
Capacity 365.000 m3/h
Pressure 7.800 Pa
Rotation 1.480 R.P.M.
Motor Power 950 W
Plant Power and desalination plant


Jabel Ali, UAE
Quantity 1
Capacity 160.000 m3/h
Pressure 1.900 Pa
Operating temp. 240o
Rotation 1.180 R.P.M.
Motor Power 110 W
Plant Bataan Refinery


  • Ǿ 1.489 mm
  • 250 kW
  • To :  90oC
Thyssen Krupp Steel Plant
Duisburg Germany

No4 Centrifugal fans type CP8001S2500 A3CS8BR

550.000 m3/h - 6.000 Pa

1350 kW


Valsabbia Steel Plant

Brescia Italy

No3 Centrifugal fans type ChA 80

510.000 m3/h - 7.500 Pa

1.500 kW


Desalination Plant

Jebel Ali

No4 Centrifugal fans type ChA-T 60

365.000 m3/h - 7.800 Pa

950 kW

Lafarge  Cement Plant

Dunbar Scotland
400oC/2 hours fire test

CTICM France

Alfacciai Steel Plant

Brescia  Italy
Mathura Refinery

Mathura, India
Rome Refinery

Rome Italy

Modena Italy

CBDOCTOR  VENTILATORS  PVT. LTD.  is a Joint Venture between C.Doctor India Pvt.Ltd., Industrie CBI Group, Italy and Ventmeca, France.